Friday, 18 February 2011


WOW! I can't explain how glad I am that the holidays are here! I hate school, seriously. Although we only have a week off, and I bet most of my time spent doing that will be doing homework. Really wanna' meet up with skiiers cos their coming back tomorrow, and I wanna ovb's see them before we go back to school. I don't have any plans for the holidays at all, I'll just hopefully go with the flow and see where that takes me. Got told off for wearing my earrings today by like 5 teachers, god their so picky. I hate them ALLL! Just watching spongebob atm, haha, it's actually oright- about this card thats rare and spongebob wants it? I ain't sure but i think I'll be getting the remote in a minute and defo turning the channel over, see if I've got anything recorded that I haven't watched. Going to grand night for singing' It's like a musical and it's my second one. It's whitby area musical theatre company who do it. I love it- I've made so many new friends and It's just nice to hang around with different people for a change. :) I've got the remote and just browsing for a channel to turn it over to. I was thinking about how I'm going to college next year- and I'm actually really scared:'( I always hate being the bottom of the school but I suppose it was oright in Caedmon cos their's only 3 years and the people who are in year 9 aren't that much older than you, only like 2 years. But college has sixth formers who are like 18? They'll just treat us all like poo I bet:'( I do think that everyone will be scared cos we'll all be in the same boat though! Now i'm watching Simpsons, I love it, seriously, every night in the Stewart household you can guarantte their'll be at least one episode on. Wow, a very long blog for me tonight and it's just filled with rubbish! Never mind, I've enjoyed writing my longest ever blog:) I know this is random but here is a picture of me and my friends, i love them alot so I thought I'd show you who's faces I spend my day with everyday, hehe!


Thursday, 17 February 2011

It's been a while. '

WOW! I haven't blogged since sunday! Even though I haven't I still don't have any gossip for you, sorry fellow bloggers! (N) The skiiers are due to be back on Saturday around 5ish so I basically cannot waaaait! I've missed them all alot especially Louisa and Gabriella. Form has definatley not been the same without them. I'm so glad it's the holidays next week because Im so ready for a break from the boring Caedmon school. The teacher are just pathetic to say the least. As usual i haven't got any plans for the holidays, might have some friends round to occipue my time but other than that i'll just see where life takes me! Anyway bloggers, just gonna upload some songs onto my ipod and other than that I'm just gonna have a lazy night! Remember- HAPPY BLOGGING! '

Sunday, 13 February 2011

I hate Sundays...

Well, not a very eventful day I've just lounged around quite a bit, had a lovely lay in which is a suprise for me because i'm usually an early bird! Can't say I wanna complain though, it was lovely! Watched a bit of T.V has a shower which was suprisingly very re-freshing! Then I got dressed and didn't have a clue what to wear, only ended up on putting my black leggings with an old top. LOL! I watched toy story 3 with my little sister Hope and I loved it! Really cba with school tomorrow, don't know if I have any Homework because honestly, I havent been bothered to check. Ovibously my Mum's just harassing me about it but I dont care I'm just really not in the mood. Had a lovely chat with my friend Abby today about blogging on facebook. :) I still don't know wow to do the fancy pictures and stuff but it looks okay so its fine! I'm so bored- I'm watching this random film about Princesses? It's oright and its taking up so of my spare time so I'll be reet! Hopes glued to it, as normal- shes obsessed with T.V! Hahaha. I really hope next week goes fast because I want the skiiers to come back REAL soon! Hopefully if I have time tomorrow I'll post another blog or maybe upload some pictures for you bloggers;) Remember, HAPPY BLOGGING!  :)

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Well, today wasn't been really eventful at all, I've actually been on a bit of a downer today. Like the majority of my Best friends have gone to Italy. They've just left me, and I am missing them like crazy already :'( I cannot wait to see them next saturday when they arrive back! :D I think I'll be going to greet them when they do arrive back because I will have missed them THAT much. Some very special people close to my heart have gone on that trip and i hope they are safe. :') I actually wish that I would have gone, seriously. I can't complain though because I did go last year and had the most amazing time of my life. The reason I have named this blog 'SUNNY SATURDAY' is because the weathers been great! It looks like Summer out of my window but then you take one tiny step outside and it's absoleutley FREEZING! ' I went shopping and got a new purchase. :) Just a top, had a lovely Pizza Hut meal with my Dad and my annoying sister Hope. At the moment I'm in love with Rihanna. I got her CD today while shopping from HMV and I have just listened to all the songs over and over again! :') I love music- I don't know if i would pyshically be able to live without it! Anyways guys, that's all from me today, remember, HAPPY BLOGGING.'

Friday, 11 February 2011

Hi Friendly Friday. '

Well, hello Friday, It's took you a very long time to arrive. Erm, not much to report because i've had a pretty good day. My dear friend Gabriella Jones is going to Italy to skiing today. Well actually tomorrow. :/ At 12.30. She's like my best friend and i don't actually know what i'm going to do for a week without her. She's hilarious. Hehe. I love having her as a friend. I'll miss having someone to text and I'll ovibously miss her 'K's. I know everyone reading this will not have a clue who she is but if you did you'd know she's a very special person in this world. I am watching Phineas and Ferb and It's actually putting me in a really good mood! I know I'm really weird but thats just me. :) I'm looking forward to the weekend although I won't be doing anything with Gabby. Wow her being gone really puts my life into boring mode. Maybe i'll post another blog sometime tonight or tomorrow. Bye bye peepz, i hope you've had a nice week. HAPPY BLOGGING. '

Thursday, 10 February 2011

It's Thursday.

Wow, this week has gone pretty slow. I am off school again today because i'm so ill. I love this blogging stuff though- I think everyone that has made one loves it too, you can say what you like and who cares if nobody reads it. Personally Ithink it's for your own benifit, a way for you to express your feelings. Erm, Ihad a horrible nights sleep, I woke up about 5 times and got up really early this morning for no apparent reason.:/ I'm really loving America's next top model at the moment, I've been watching it nearly every day. None of them stop bitching about each other, It's so pathetic! At the end of the day their's only going to be 1 winner and they all think their the best. They think their gorgeously stunningly beautiful. It's so big headed. I think Tyra Banks is stunning, she's so fierce and totally her own person, she dosen't care what anyone else thinks about her, she's so confident it's unbelivable. Well, i might post another blog later on if i have any gossip, but for now, HAPPY BLOGGING.