Friday, 18 February 2011


WOW! I can't explain how glad I am that the holidays are here! I hate school, seriously. Although we only have a week off, and I bet most of my time spent doing that will be doing homework. Really wanna' meet up with skiiers cos their coming back tomorrow, and I wanna ovb's see them before we go back to school. I don't have any plans for the holidays at all, I'll just hopefully go with the flow and see where that takes me. Got told off for wearing my earrings today by like 5 teachers, god their so picky. I hate them ALLL! Just watching spongebob atm, haha, it's actually oright- about this card thats rare and spongebob wants it? I ain't sure but i think I'll be getting the remote in a minute and defo turning the channel over, see if I've got anything recorded that I haven't watched. Going to grand night for singing' It's like a musical and it's my second one. It's whitby area musical theatre company who do it. I love it- I've made so many new friends and It's just nice to hang around with different people for a change. :) I've got the remote and just browsing for a channel to turn it over to. I was thinking about how I'm going to college next year- and I'm actually really scared:'( I always hate being the bottom of the school but I suppose it was oright in Caedmon cos their's only 3 years and the people who are in year 9 aren't that much older than you, only like 2 years. But college has sixth formers who are like 18? They'll just treat us all like poo I bet:'( I do think that everyone will be scared cos we'll all be in the same boat though! Now i'm watching Simpsons, I love it, seriously, every night in the Stewart household you can guarantte their'll be at least one episode on. Wow, a very long blog for me tonight and it's just filled with rubbish! Never mind, I've enjoyed writing my longest ever blog:) I know this is random but here is a picture of me and my friends, i love them alot so I thought I'd show you who's faces I spend my day with everyday, hehe!


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