Sunday, 13 February 2011

I hate Sundays...

Well, not a very eventful day I've just lounged around quite a bit, had a lovely lay in which is a suprise for me because i'm usually an early bird! Can't say I wanna complain though, it was lovely! Watched a bit of T.V has a shower which was suprisingly very re-freshing! Then I got dressed and didn't have a clue what to wear, only ended up on putting my black leggings with an old top. LOL! I watched toy story 3 with my little sister Hope and I loved it! Really cba with school tomorrow, don't know if I have any Homework because honestly, I havent been bothered to check. Ovibously my Mum's just harassing me about it but I dont care I'm just really not in the mood. Had a lovely chat with my friend Abby today about blogging on facebook. :) I still don't know wow to do the fancy pictures and stuff but it looks okay so its fine! I'm so bored- I'm watching this random film about Princesses? It's oright and its taking up so of my spare time so I'll be reet! Hopes glued to it, as normal- shes obsessed with T.V! Hahaha. I really hope next week goes fast because I want the skiiers to come back REAL soon! Hopefully if I have time tomorrow I'll post another blog or maybe upload some pictures for you bloggers;) Remember, HAPPY BLOGGING!  :)

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