Friday, 11 February 2011

Hi Friendly Friday. '

Well, hello Friday, It's took you a very long time to arrive. Erm, not much to report because i've had a pretty good day. My dear friend Gabriella Jones is going to Italy to skiing today. Well actually tomorrow. :/ At 12.30. She's like my best friend and i don't actually know what i'm going to do for a week without her. She's hilarious. Hehe. I love having her as a friend. I'll miss having someone to text and I'll ovibously miss her 'K's. I know everyone reading this will not have a clue who she is but if you did you'd know she's a very special person in this world. I am watching Phineas and Ferb and It's actually putting me in a really good mood! I know I'm really weird but thats just me. :) I'm looking forward to the weekend although I won't be doing anything with Gabby. Wow her being gone really puts my life into boring mode. Maybe i'll post another blog sometime tonight or tomorrow. Bye bye peepz, i hope you've had a nice week. HAPPY BLOGGING. '

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