Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Beaming Blog. '

Well, its my first day blogging, and although I only started typing approximatley 7 seconds ago i'm loving it! Today I've been off school, so I thought I'd use my time efficiently, and seen as though my beautiful cousin Mel has started one, i wanted to follow in her footsteps. :D I can't swallow, and have a really bad throat infection. So typing paragraphs on here is perfect for me! Life at the moment is actually okay, I have some amazing friends that I seriously don't know what I'd do in this world without them! All I've done all day is watch disney channel and had a little skeg on Jack Wills and Barbour, and now have my eyes on a few things. ;) I don't understand why their so expensive though! It'll take me about a whole year to save up for a hoodie. But as ever- I am certainly determined to do it! Well I love blogging and think i'll be carrying on with it. Hehehe. Goodbye all, happy blogging.

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