Thursday, 10 February 2011

It's Thursday.

Wow, this week has gone pretty slow. I am off school again today because i'm so ill. I love this blogging stuff though- I think everyone that has made one loves it too, you can say what you like and who cares if nobody reads it. Personally Ithink it's for your own benifit, a way for you to express your feelings. Erm, Ihad a horrible nights sleep, I woke up about 5 times and got up really early this morning for no apparent reason.:/ I'm really loving America's next top model at the moment, I've been watching it nearly every day. None of them stop bitching about each other, It's so pathetic! At the end of the day their's only going to be 1 winner and they all think their the best. They think their gorgeously stunningly beautiful. It's so big headed. I think Tyra Banks is stunning, she's so fierce and totally her own person, she dosen't care what anyone else thinks about her, she's so confident it's unbelivable. Well, i might post another blog later on if i have any gossip, but for now, HAPPY BLOGGING.

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