Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Teenage Tears. '

I hate being a teenager. When you were a child it didn't matter who disliked you, boys, nothing mattered. But being a teenager you take everything so seriously. You have random mood swings for no reason. You fall out with friends over silly things and then hold the grudge for days and days when not necessary. When your younger you wish that you can grow up to be a teenager, you think its going to be magical, but judging from me being a teenager at the moment it's far from it. One minute your on top of the world thinking that nothing can possibly stand in your way. But then in the next minute you feel like a nobody. You go through life with people taking the mick out of you making you feel horrible, BUT you know that certain people ( your family and friends) will be their forever. They will never leave your side and be their forever. I cherish the people i know will never be going anywhere, HAPPY BLOGGING!

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